Words are our life, and we think they should be yours too. She Rambler is the little wedge of the internet we’ve carved out to talk about all things literary. Book reviews, industry news, literary lifestyle hacks, writing tips, general bookish fodder—you name it; we’re in. It’s a place where we hope veracious readers and prolific writers converge with those who just like to dabble in literary spaces.

There’s a lot of literature-centered websites out there (and trust us, we’re big fans of them all), but we like to think of She Rambler as being just a little bit different. We aim to be approachable and a bit fun. Sure, we post some serious stuff sometimes, but we’re not here to do hard critical analysis. There’s plenty of other people out there that do that and way better. Instead, our content is generated to inspire more reading and writing in your daily life, carefully curated to remind you how they should first and foremost be pure pleasures.

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About Our Founder

Wanting a writing space to call her own, Stephanie Libby concocted the idea that would eventually become SheRambler way back in 2013. After several and very different reincarnations (because they just didn’t feel right), the SheRambler you see today was created.

She holds both a B.A. and M.F.A. in Creative Writing from Chester College of New England and Goddard College, respectively. She loved Goddard so much, she decided to go back and get her M.A. in Education with a concentration on arts-based learning and 6-12 English/Language Arts.

A proud New Hampshire native with fears that she’s not actually redheaded enough anymore to be called a redhead, she resides in Southern New Hampshire with her long-time boyfriend and their three fur babies (AKA her cats, of course).

You can find her fiction over at Ink&Coda, blogging for ForeverTwentySomethings, and you can generally find her in the nearest independent bookstore thumbing through the latest short story anthology release, searching for inspiration.